Sunday, January 12, 2014

Kenya Cliffnotes

Pictures first!

Tea Fields!!

The white/red buildings in the top/central portion of the trees is Tenwek from a distance!

JAMBO from Kenya! Feeling blessed by the Kenyan hospitality/vibrancy of life, being reminded that God is faithful, and inspired to be in a place that makes me wanna be a missionary doctor!

A really awesome, brilliant, and new (feels old) friend of mine, named Cat, gave me a diary of sorts. It's a 5 year diary where you write a line a day for 5 years. And the line for the day in each of the 5 years is on the same page. Confused? Well, just understand it's awesome. And also going to be the basis for how I share about my trip in Kenya. I meant to update this 7 days at a time, but got lazy/wanted to do other things. So here is the first 12 days of 2014, all in Kenya!

The streets of Nairobi, skilled drivers only...aka Glado
Jan 1 - Kenya dance party, learned about Kenyan carjacking--thankfully not by experience, visited numerous malls in Nairobi & I'm thankful for Gladys Anyenya

Heading out for New Year's Kenyan Style with the Hillsdale College Kenyans!
Jan 2 - Arrived at Tenwek! Had lunch with the White Family, hospital orientation, walked to the waterfall in the rain, played wallyball--so painful to the arms!!

The dam that provides energy and water for the hospital!
Jan 3 - Day 1 at the hospital in the peds ward--LOVE it! So many sick kids & babies, but such a joy to be with them. Also rounded in NICU--so much to learn!

Jan 4 - Rounded in nursery today, calculated NG feeds for the first time & held babies : ) So impressed by their moms! (they come and breastfeed every 3 hours 24 hrs a day...!) Long walk exploring. Special greeting from a 2 year old girl via an unsuspecting handshake.

Jan 5 - Nursery NICU work today. Did an exchange transfusion on a hyperbili baby today--took 3.5 hours. Exchanged 500cc in this little tyke. 10cc in...10cc out...

Jan 6 - First day of rounds with Dr. Bemm. So very overwhelmed with the complexity of some kids. HIV is a terrible thing. As is TB & meningitis. Enter immunization discussion here...

Jan 7 - Would love being/raising a kid here. Had lunch with a family who had 4 boys = climbing, daredevil machines. This landscape is better than any jungle gym.

Jan 8 - Learning about PDAs in neonates, palmer pulses, and murmurs. Love how much we pray for patients--for Bible study we prayed with all the peds patients.

Jan 9 - In Kenya, there's 0 privacy on the wards & mom's sleep in the bed with their kids--and breastfeed and bathe their newborns every 3 hours. Totally committed.

Jan 10 - I am really enjoying taking care of Granton; a new HIV patients with PCP. Fun to see kids getting better.

Jan 11 - Rounded this AM. I am loving the nursery. It's kinda like watching a plant grow, only better.

Jan 12 - Breakfast at Barb's, Church over 1 Samuel (Promise keepers), Climbed Motigo = 360 degree view of Kenya, Delicious fresh bread, Great conversation, Card games...Solid Sunday.
We have a cook! Life here is better than in the US! And food is delicious!!