Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Small Victories

Tonight I am celebrating a productive day.

For some reason, the past two mornings have been tortuous. I literally hit snooze 5 times and have to give myself quite the pep talk before I gain the will power to remove myself from such warmth and comfort.

But instead of telling myself to "just watch the lectures later," I have gotten out of bed and to the lecture hall for each of my classes this week. And, studied afterwards. Studied a lot. It makes me so excited to come home.

So, in honor of 3 whole days of productivity, but especially today, I am treating myself to 3 things:

1. My new nail polish. "Respect the World" for my toenails and "Light a Candle" for my fingernails.

Respect the World. It looks way prettier in real life. Just so you know.

2. A Stella and an embarrassing amount of chips and salsa

3. Cookbooks. One of my favorite hobbies is looking at cookbook magazines and ripping out pages of recipes I envision on my table in the future. I then organize them in a binder I have dedicated solely for this purpose. 

4. Norah Jones. The perfect background music.