Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I tell ya what, life just wouldn't be worth it if it weren't for other people.

After my virology exam this morning, Bre and I went for a run around campus (conveniently stopping by Olin Health Center for her TB test...) and I tell ya what, without people like Bre, med school wouldn't be worth it.

I mean just look at her! She even carried my lunch box, bad of popcorn, clinical skills book, and raincoat for me. What a pal. Yesterday we were at a coffee shop and I sighfully woed, "I. am. struggling." Without even a second to pass Bre exclaims, "Wanna read the Bible?!" She's great. We also had a mildly inappropriate laughing spell in Grand Traverse Pie Co. yesterday as well. It was fabulous.

Also, without chocolate strawberry cake I think I'd struggle too...


  1. Bre sounds like a wonderful friend! You two are blessed! That chocolate cake looks so amazing right now too!

  2. What a terrific friend...especially loved the "want to read the bible?"