Thursday, October 20, 2011

Catch Up

The game of catch up. Are any of us really ever ahead?
Life is busy. But very fun. Here are some things I've done and thought "I should blog about this" but never did until right now. And this is not in chronological order. My sense of time is being replaced with clinical signs of renal insufficiency and GI disaster scenarios.

I dumpster dove. Luckily it was pretty empty. But I thought I dropped my mail key in there when I threw my garbage in there. Turns out I didn't. I dropped it on my way out of the apartment. Instead I ripped the dress I was wearing as one of my neighbors watched me jump out.
No worries, the dress is fixable.

Remember how nice these days were last week? I rode my bike to study at Lake Lansing. The rain for the past 48 hours makes me miss it...

 I bought a guitar. It's a little one. But, it's just about all I can handle. I'm working on CCR's Bad Moon Rising. It's fun and a lot harder than it looks.

Then the Jones' went to the Tiger's game to celebrate Nana's birthday and Mal and I went to the Wings game right afterwards. It was great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. They both won and I still passed my exam the next morning. Win-Win-Win.

Oh yeah, and I ran a marathon. It took us 4 and a half hours. The last 10 miles were a little crazy. I said I'd never do it again after about mile 20. We'll see though, I guess i should never say never.

  And that guy is Bre's fiance, who let us stay at his apartment, then drove us to the race, then stood in the wet cold rain and cheered for us, and then drove us back afterwards.

Thank goodness for those two; Bre and Erin. Without them, this would not have happened.
Plain and simple.

The day after the marathon I bought this. A beautiful new road bike. I went for an 18 mile ride wih Chrissie a couple days ago and am so unbelievably happy to be on it instead of running. Bre helped me pick it out and Charlie gave me the magazine that led to the purchase. So thankful for the biking friends I've met up here. They are a great influence.

Oh, and I have plane tickets to Denver and Montana for Christmas break. And tomorrow I start working with a family doc in Coldwater. Hooray for clinical work.


  1. you're so cool! I'm so proud of you for that're inspiring :). and make sure you're in MI for part of Christmas - I miss you!

  2. Agreed. So cool! Did you know Katie Holsinger went dumpster diving also?? Except she did it for real! You should ask her about it :)
    Also, I need you in my life to make me work out! And for other reasons... :)

  3. Holy Amy! You are crazy! AND YOU"RE COMING TO MONTANA!!!!

  4. I love you all so so much...all your comments really make me miss you...when can we have a reunion...maybe via skype? I was in Hillsdale today and it made me VERY nostalgic.