Sunday, October 27, 2013

Veggies & Caffeine > Facebook

So, there are things I've been wanting to do, but have yet to actually accomplish. These things have been inspired by three of my most favorite people: Katie Mueller and Mallory Luke and Brianne Maxwell.

The first day we met. Freshmen at Hillsdale.

1. Eat healthier. Ispo facto...more raw food, less freezer food. This is inspired by me new basically vegan friend Katie. And necessary before I slip into even worse eating habits in residency. I need some quick go to recipes to rely on.

2. Limit Facebook in my life. Or, as my beautifully, intelligent sister has done, remove it altogether.

3. Drink better coffee and waste less coffee. (perhaps more superficial than the last two, but...) Thank you Bre for showing me how to bring my favorite coffee shop Populace Cafe into my own home. Bre can also be partially responsible for change number 2 as she has shared the benefits of being Facebook free with me.

SO, I've made 2/3 changes. I still have yet to see the fruits of my labor in cooking more veggies and microwaving less frozen pizzas and dinners. But, I'll do my best to keep you posted on my success and inevitable failures in trying smoothies...and I dare say, Brussels sprouts.

Thank you Mal, for the "if Mal can do it, I can do it" motivation

I've just deleted my Facebook account. This is perhaps the most difficult change, but I'm tired of shifting through my newsfeed late at night when I should be sleeping. I have little to no self control. It's embarrassing but true that I spend waaaay too much time on Facebook, and neglect other forms of communication I value much, much more. It's too dangerous for my procrastinating ways. And despite it really putting a cramp in my ability to log in to Spotify, Pandora will suffice until I get the kinks worked out.

My new pour over coffee "maker" which gets its idea credit from Bre, awesome mug credit from Mal, and store-where-I-bought-it credit from Populace. A filter filled with espresso ground coffee and a generous dash of pumpkin spice makes for a quick, one cup bit of energy on these brisk, fall mornings. Perhaps nutmeg with replace the pumpkin come wintertime.

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  1. You go girl!!

    Would love to hear about the coffee 'maker' !!! :)