Monday, August 16, 2010

New Adventures

I have enjoyed this summer so much. I'm not liking that I automatically used the past tense there though. I know it's not quite over yet, but it's still far enough along to be able to look back and relive some of the most exciting times of my life thus far. It's an absolutely gorgeous August afternoon in Michigan, so it's easy to be reminiscent of an incredible summer. 

Starting from the beginning. Graduation from the best college (in my unbiased opinion) in the entire world. That's all I can say about that experience without diving into a 3 hour discussion. Here is a picture of me with the two people that made it all possible. And some of the best friends a girl could ask for.
Mom and Pops
Kate, Anna, Al, and Katie HOLSINGER (she just got married!!)
Next on the list was Commissioned Officer Training (COT) in Montgomery, AL. An awesome experience. Tons of lectures on leadership, communication, and the ins and outs of the Air Force. What started out as an overwhelming first week, ended in a feeling of accomplishment, an enormous pride in our country, new friends and a love for the military lifestyle that I can't wait to be a part of in four (short?) years. The entirety of the Jones Family came down south for the graduation ceremonies which was so much fun. I'm so glad I was able to share in the whole experience with them! 
Ryan, Mom, Nana, Dad and Mal post-parade--officially done with training!
Uncle Dennis, Aunt Michelle, Louis and Kirsten!
The man who first put the idea in my head

Litter carry 

India Flight (Iron Knights!)
The day I arrived home from COT, I moved up to East Lansing to move into a new apartment with Katie in Okemos. It's about 3 miles from MSU's medical school. I love it! I loved rural Hillsdale, but the fact that I can drive 10 or 15 minutes to get almost anywhere is awesome. I did an extensive amount of shopping the first few weeks I was up here and had to sacrifice some studying :) But, as always, everything was still accomplished--sleep is just not always high on the priority list. Since then, I've been balancing the studying with exploring the greater Lansing area with SO many friends who have come to visit and others who live nearby. I love company. Ispo facto, feel free to visit! If I don't have time, I'll make time :)
My new desk (which I love!)
The Apartments...our building on the far right!
Some advantages to being in a city are the extensive number of foreign  restaurant options to try. Jessica and Katie Luke came up last week and we had Thai (minus Jessica who isn't a fan). And then, Kate and I went to Sahara last week--a phenomenal Middle Eastern place. We had falafel patties, beef, chicken, and lamb shish kabobs, and some awesome fatoush and tabbouli salad.
the chicken, beef, and lamb combo
Tabbouli Salad
Fatoush Salad
It's been a great summer. A memorable one, that's for sure. I am so blessed. Recently, while watching one of my new favorite movies, October Sky, I was overwhelmed with how happy I am to be here. To be right here, right now, exactly where I am in every area of my life. Close to family. Close to friends. Finally doing what I've always dreamed of doing--or at least well on my way. Katie walked out of her room and found me sobbing on the couch. Tears of pure joy. Joy that only comes from the peace of obediently following God and taking advantage of the opportunities He puts in front of us to serve Him.

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