Saturday, September 18, 2010


I've become increasing aware of how intentional one must be when allocating their time and commitments. It has become my main goal in life, a longterm, lifetime goal, to balance my priorities wisely. And in addition to making time for the important things--the things that sometimes feel like obligations--I believe that balance includes having fun. So, this is what I did the weekend before my first physiology exam...

A Class V rapid named "Pillow Rock"
The idea is to get everyone's paddle to touch the massive boulder--without falling out
That's the back on the left side of the raft
I went with the Wilderness Medical Society at school to experience what is referred to as Gauley Season. According to the West Virginia Visitors Bureau, Gauley Season is, "Twenty-two days of simply spectacular whitewater that is the stuff of dreams for many of the H20-addicted. While the Gauley River can be paddled year-round, it is this magical fall season that so many look forward to. Every fall, beginning the first Saturday after Labor Day, the Army Corp of Engineers begins the annual draw-down of Summersville Lake. More than 2500 Cubic Feet of Water is released per second into the narrow, rocky Gauley River bed. The result? Big, awesome whitewater." 

So, if anyone is looking for a little more balance in their life, in almost all seriousness, book a trip to WV to experience Gauley season. The Upper Gauley River is ranked 2nd in the US and in the top 10 in the entire world for the best whitewater experience.And if you need someone to go with, feel free to give me a call!

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