Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday Morning Tests

So far, I've been pretty good at scheduling busy weekends right before a Monday exam. It seems like the best weekends, where there are opportunities you just can't really pass up, fall at just the right time every time. This week in Hillsdale was Fair Week. And who was performing? Josh Turner! My mom, Aunt Michelle, Nana, and I all went to experience it in honor of Nana's birthday this month. He is Nana's favorite. So, much fun! The highlight had to have been Nana cheering and yelling at "Josh"...definitely. The only bummer of the night was getting in line at the Red Barn for what has been explained to me as the Fair's best elephant ears, only to be told after waiting for 10 minutes that they were sold out. Afterwards we went to this awesome little Bed and Breakfast (if anyone is looking for a nice place near Hillsdale check it out! Rooms at Grayfield.) On a side note: if I weren't in med school, I think running a B&B would be awesome! Then we hit up the Flavor Fruit Farm for some cider and doughnuts along with the rest of Hillsdale county Sunday morning.
Picture not from this weekend, but that's Nana, and it was her birthday celebration, thus the picture...
I decided to make this weekend extra long and went down on Friday evening--the concert was on Saturday night. Man, I love that place. It's crazy how you run into people there. For example, I went to the Blue and White swim meet Saturday morning and saw Lea with her dad Eddy (Lea = my third cousin and Ed = my dad's second cousin). We talked about how they had just seen Grandma and Grandpa Luke and Uncle Jeff and Aunt Karen at a family get together the weekend before--we just talked like we'd known each other forever. A year ago I didn't even know Lea and her family were family, then she came to Hillsdale to play basketball and I've met a bunch of family I never knew I had and it's like we've known each other forever. So cool! More typical Hillsdale moments included a trip to the Arb and Oakley's, staying in the Budd's luxurious guest room overlooking Baw Beese, practicing OMM (thank you, Ben, for having a bad back!), watching some Charger football, studying in Lane 234 (the classroom I sat in on for my visit and also had my first real Hillsdale lecture in--English with Dr. Cuneo), and sweet potato fries at the Hunt Club. Anyways, a solid weekend all around. And the good news, homecoming is only a month away!


  1. My Mom always stay at the Rooms at Grayfield when she comes to town. Didn't you LOVE it?! It's just so tastefully done.

  2. Yes! Tasteful indeed!...pun intended :)