Thursday, November 18, 2010

Exercise (or lack thereof...)

I've been lazy. There's no doubt about it. This sort of confirms my all or nothing work ethic. One month I'm traing for a half marathon. The very next month I'm hitting up the cookie aisle and shoving my running shoes under the bed so I don't have to look at them taunting me.

Why in the world did I spend hundreds of dollars for a year long gym membership (that's right...$300+).

I emailed Dr. Miller a couple of weeks ago. In response to my comments about the increased pace of school he said:
Your comments about the “pace” were interesting and a reminder of my ever increasing age because I find that when I was younger, I had that fast pace that you’re now adjusting towards.  Hang in there.  You’ll be fine but remember that venting frustration is important.  Try to continue your running.
Ok, fine.

I'll take responsibility for my health and overall well-being.

I just wrote out a weekly workout plan for myself.

I figure, if I'm going to ask my patients someday to watch what they eat and exercise regularly, I had better be doing it myself.

So, here's to laying off the vanilla wafers and nutella, ramping up on the veggies, and getting myself back in gear. Because discipline in one area seems to correlate to discipline in others...discipline in school, in my walk with God, and in quality rest and relaxation.

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