Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Eye Opening Experiences

On an exciting note, I attended the Global Missions Health Conference this weekend. The events of which are impossible to sum up in words. I'm not even going to try. CliffNotes version: First, trust God, and second, God is calling me to pursue medical missions, it's no longer just a passion of mine or something I'd like to do with my life. A significant shift to say the least. Also, pretty scary. It's hard to describe, but, it's very exhilarating. Another highlight was meeting Beth White, the wife of an amazing surgeon, Dr. Russ White, at Tenwek Hospital in Kenya. They are friends of my parents and went to the church I grew up in before moving to pursue their work in missions. It was the cherry on top of a fantastic weekend.

On an incredible note, I got my doctor toys yesterday and have been playing doctor today now that the batteries are charged. (I felt like a kid on Christmas morning whose remote control car came without the batteries...) If I ever get short on money it's nice to know that I can sell all the equipment for a small fortune. Tonight Katie and I played with the ophthalmoscope and discovered that you actually have an optic disc!! And blood vessels!! in the back of your eye!...it's true! And it's awesome!
This is what your eyes really look like!
From left to right: a stethoscope, a practice eye for the ophthalmoscope,
blood pressure cuffs and a sphigmomanometer (please note the adorable child size cuff),
a tuning fork and a Babinski Neurological hammer