Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My home, away from home, away from home...

I still consider my home to be on Wedgewood Drive, but it gets a little fuzzy sometimes because I live in an apartment which I call home and feel like the basement computer lab of Fee Hall (picture soon to come!) has become more of my home simply because of the amount of time I am currently spending here. It's not a pretty place, but I sure do get a lot done. Especially when NOBODY else is around. Someone walked by and poked their head in a couple of days and we had this dialogue...

Fellow med student: I think there are probably 10 people in this whole building right now, and of all the places to study you picked here??

Me: Well, it's kinda grown on me I guess.

Fellow med student: (super confused look...long silence...)

Me: (feeling the need to explain myself further...) I kind of like here, ya know?

Fellow med student: Hmmm... do you like people??

But, it's currently 10:37 and I'm on a role. The buzz of the fuse box, fluorescent lighting, lack of social stimulation, hundreds and hundreds of brain scan images, and my trusty neuro course pack, I dare say, are serving me quite well, thank you very much.

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