Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Update Overdue

Holy moley. Where does the time go?! I don't even know where to start. But I'll start here...

...1. I got an iPhone yesterday (thanks to Bre for her moral support!). I GOT AN iPHONE! Honestly, I would've been happy with a phone that worked, so naturally, one that works and does incredible things is a HUGE bonus. I did a lot of iPhone vs Droid investigating (can you really go wrong?). So far I'm very happy with my choice. I hope it leads to more pictures on here!
Notice the purple case with the purple nail polish :)

2. Katie, Al, and I went on a road trip to DC to visit Anna (and Will) a couple weekends ago!! It was so much fun. So great to be reunited, to shop, and to talk about the wedding in August! And it was cherry blossom time which was also sorta fun.

Katie whipped out her uke while we waited for Anna to get home!

At the Surpreme Court Building

So many people...So many cherry blossoms!

3. I've been using my OMM table a lot! I even took it to DC! It fits perfectly in my trunk.

4. Ben came to visit on Saturday. We had a picnic on our back cement slab (I hesitate to say patio). We may have used towels and couch cushions for seating and eaten overcooked fish and couscous, but it was so much fun. Thank goodness for warmer weather!

5. I successfully completed my Concealed Pistol License course! And got to shoot a few more rounds at the Demmer Center. And, while I was in Pinckney the other weekend I got to see the AR-15 that Aunt Michelle and Uncle Dennis got me as a commissioning gift...so awesome! But, I have a lot to learn before I can have a successful, coherent conversation with Uncle Dennis about it.

Not the actual one, but just to give you an idea.

6. Speaking of Aunt Michelle and Uncle Dennis, they just welcomed a new baby boy, Declan, to our family! Hooray for a baby!! Hooray for them! I can't wait to visit! He was born on Nana and Papa's Wedding Anniversary. So, Hooray for April 12!

7. And last, but certainly least, I'm so so so excited to be finished with microbiology this semester (I'm trying really hard to put a positive spin on it). Ugh. Only a few more weeks with these terrible notes...It's making me think bad things about school.


  1. I love absolutely everything in this post!!! :)

  2. Purple is an amazing color. Yesterday a 5 year old asked me what my favorite color was. It told him it is dark purple for now! We should talk soon!

  3. The blog redecoration is nice too!

  4. I miss you....we need to reunite again soon!

  5. Beers, huh? Well, see ya later!