Thursday, November 3, 2011

Cloud Nine

My current pump up song

It's been such a good week, and I think it's because I heard this song on the radio on my way to take an exam Monday morning. Or it could be because:

1. Studying the gastrointestinal system (fire hydrant style) is over
2. We carved pumpkins Monday night and then I got to hang with Bre and Alex
3. I made more pumpkin muffins
4. I hosted a dinner party for some of the best girls in the world on Tuesday evening
5. Got to get on my bike with Allison on a gorgeous Wednesday fall morning
6. Laughed with Nana and Katie over lunch as we talked about how Nana got lost and ended up in Hell (...Hell, MI) and discussed her next salon appointment which will include highlights!
7. Played my guitar some more this week...after a short guitar hiatus
8. Enjoyed a cheap burrito with Erin and I love talking to those girls
9. I'm getting prepared to head to Louisville next week for that Global Missions Health Conference...I'm so excited!
10. I'm about to have a productive day...I can feel it...
11. I'm going to Dr. Stringer's house for dinner on Friday after spending the day doing real doctor things in Coldwater
12. I don't have a Monday exam this coming week
13. It's fall back and we get an extra hour on Sunday!

...ok, I'm cutting myself off. But praise God for an awesome week.