Saturday, March 31, 2012


I have often wondered what stops us from being exactly who we want to be. 
Exactly who God created us to be.
I think most often, in my own experience, it is myself.

I was reading this blog written by Katie Davis.
A mother of 14 girls in Uganda. She is 22. She is from Nashville.
Thank you Stephanie Riebe for introducing me to her story.

This video is contagious. 

My reaction to this video is to first, get excited about studying. To do what God has given me to do with the same passion portrayed in this short video of one faithful follower of Christ.

And also, to make a commitment to adoption. To loving on a child. To reminding him or her that they have not been forgotten by God. It kind of scares me to think about making such a statement. But, then, I think, why stop myself from being exactly who God has created me to be. Why write safe things I know I can do without any help from God. I used to tell people I thought I wanted to be a doctor using phases like, "If I get in...If I don't change my mind...If I don't fail...If I don't do that bad on the MCAT...If a school accepts me..." All these phrases did was undermine the God given desire placed in my heart to heal. I was preparing for failure instead of planning or fighting for success. I was limiting myself by what I knew I could do without God, instead of growing myself and trusting God.

So, I make that statement with the knowledge that if God has given me a gut reaction for or towards something, I should not tip toe around it until it falls in my lap. To stop thinking about it, and do it. Even if, for right now, that just means to write it here.

Today is the day I pray for the opportunity to love a child, or children, with the same love Christ has shown me. Don't ask me what that looks like. I'm afraid it will be years before I can adequately provide for and thus adopt a child, but I hope not...this young girl didn't wait. What does that even mean? To provide? Anyways...even as I write this I'm fighting the voice of reason in my head that says, "Don't write these things with such reckless abandon...what if you can't make this happen?" But, right now, I don't care. I want to remember how I feel right now. I pray that God prepares me for loving a child who becomes my own with every day between now and then. I pray mostly that I wait patiently and purposefully.

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  1. You should check out my friend's blog who is in Africa trying to adopt a little girl... I probably told you about her already but here's the link-->