Friday, March 30, 2012

Intubation and Chinese Food

Two things to report!

1. We had an Advanced Cardiac Life Support lab today where we learned all about how, when, and what to do when someone is experiencing heart/breathing problems. You know when someone calls Code Blue and the place goes crazy....all those things that happen at that point are what we were learning about. It's pretty's a video of a patient getting intubated before surgery. The procedures we learned were all on manikins and were in preparation for an emergency, but, it should help convey the idea.

We learned about how to shock patients too, only for those in serious's another video. What we learned to do was to be the guy in black, directing all of the events and analyzing the heart rhythms, knowing when to use what medicines in the IV, and we learned the intubating part where they add an airway to assist with breathing. I can't imagine experiencing this in real life for the first time. I'm hoping to learn the protocols and algorithms for the treatments like the back of my's learning with a purpose in sight, and it's so great! Kind of like when we were learning to interpret ECG's in cardiology, it's nice when skills and knowledge line up. Cool stuff.

2. I went to dinner with a few med students and when the waiter came to pick up our completed bills with tips he looked at the amounts we'd written down, and no joke, asked the other two girls, "Was everything ok??" To which they said, "Yeah." And he says, "Then can you give me more for a tip....(handing the receipt back in their direction!)" We were in shock!! And hardly knew what to say. He said he needed 15%. He was so serious! Woah. I mean, really?? The staff had been kinda weird all during dinner, but I have never been somewhere where they actually demanded more tip and then proceeded to wait, staring, until the girls left another 50 cents. Crazy! Keeps life interesting I guess...but really???

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