Thursday, August 9, 2012

Mr. Gas Man

Dear Mr. Sam's Club Gas Attendant,

You made my day. Thanks. I hope your sweet corn grows better than it ever has.

A Ford Focus owner drenched by the rain

When I switched lanes at the last minute and decided to get gas at Sam's Club I didn't know it would become the highlight of my day. It's not everyday I interact with a gas station attendant out roaming the pumps who starts up a casual conversation with a, "Did ya get the rain I sent?" I got soaked stepping out of my car. He then preceded to tell me how high his sweet corn was growing, how many pepper plants were blooming, and encouraged me to start a tomato garden in my house. "Why wait til next summer?" he said. He was an older gentleman, which while in my pediatric rotation, was a good reminder of why I'm not sure if I could give up working with people over the age of 65.

Also, he was an inspiration to me to never let life get dull. To go out and make it interesting. There are no excuses for being bored or stuck in a circumstance that is not seemingly ideal. I've never wanted to be a gas station attendant until tonight. But that man seriously made me want to be one. I think I'll always go there to get my gas. 100% worth it. I danced in my car the whole way home.

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