Saturday, August 18, 2012

Newborns. Newborns!

Yesterday, I examined a newborn baby girl. She was 2 days old. She was so tiny. And she kept her big, beautiful eyes open the whole time. (Perfect for seeing a good red reflex--thank you little girl for helping me feel competent). There's nothing like a newborn. Even in one month they are so much more grown up.

She was tiny. I was nervous that they could see I was nervous. But, I was also happy. So so happy. And nervous. But, they were awesome. Baby, Mom, and Grandma.

I was on one side of the table, mom on the other, and then Grandma got up and starting taking pictures as I examined her newest grandchild. I tried to look especially doctorly.

Newborns are a miracle.

Also, on a side note, Dr. Quinn (Medicine Woman) is awesome. Erin has all 6 seasons. And I'm obsessed. She makes me feel like I can do anything. Like harvest foxglove in a garden to make digitalis for heart problems.

Also, check this mom sent it to me yesterday. Note the "Crayola Oblongata: Relays impulses to shove objects inside nose and/or VCR)."

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