Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Night Shifts

So this week I'm on "nights". Here at McLaren Bay Region, on the PCIM night shift, very little happens...especially for those in the role of medical student. So my nights have consisted of 1-2 hour Facetime chats with my family at home, discussing the cabbage soup diet and calorie counting. I've also started some presentations on hyponatremia and acid base disorders. And, Chicago Fire is a great new show if anyone's looking.

And I started a new book called Undaunted. It's written by Christine Caine. She and her husband started The A21 Campaign. Their organization works to prevent trafficing, protect the trafficed, prosecute the trafficers, and to partner with others to accomplish these goals. The trafficing mainly for the purpose of sexual exploitation or forced labor. Anyone remember the movie Taken?

Some quick facts from their website: the average victim is 12 years old, currently it's estimated that 27 million are enslaved, and only 1-2% of all victims are ever rescued.

I've only made it through the first couple of chapters. But sitting here without work to do is very uncomfortable when I think about 12 year old boys and girls, especially those I know personally, in situations I can't even begin to fathom. The website has 21 ways to get involved. Write a letter, Save your pennies, Get social, Get informed, Intern or volunteer, Be a Billboard, Send stuff, Pray, Request a speaker, Remember the 21st, Read their stories... Click here for more...

Sometimes I tell myself not to get involved. Sometimes I tell myself that I'm too busy. Sometimes I tell myself that if I get involved in every good cause I hear about then it'll be too much and I'll be spread to thin...Sometimes I tell myself I am doing enough already. Sometimes I tell myself I won't make a difference. Sometimes I actually try to do something.

So I think I smell another pancake dinner (my favorite fundraiser) in the near future. We can talk about it. We can write letters. We can collect things to send to victims. We can do something.

I wonder what nights are like for the millions enslaved. And then I remember the words of Christ, "In this world you will have trouble, but take heart, for I have overcome the world."

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  1. LOVE pancake dinners. There might be one in my future too. Thanks for the reminder, Amy. :)