Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Really Good Days

There are good days, and then there are really good days. Today was really good.

Here's why:
- I forgot to tell the pediatrician I had a meeting this morning, but he was late too and I still met him and got to see two brand new babies this morning. After the nurses told me he still hadn't arrived after our meeting, I silently thought to myself, "Everything always works out." And smiled to myself.
- I really like pediatrics. The kids are so great, even the parents that everyone seemed to complain about. Some of them (most of them) so obviously love their kids.
- I got to see some patients on my own. I love doing that. I kinda feel like I'm still playing doctor.
- I'm learning SO much. It's worth feeling like I still have SO much to learn.
- An 11 year old asked me a series of questions that made me smile: Are you new here, I've never seen you? Are you going to be a CRNA? Do you work at the hospital? Will you always be here? How old are you? Do you have any kids? Can I look at that (in reference to the otoscope)? Can I listen to that (in reference to the stethoscope)? She ended with a statement, You're really pretty. She was cute. That last part made me really like her.
- I saw a patient with severe autism--he was nonverbal and rambunctious. He also had an autistic brother with him. After leaving the doc said the main reason he wanted me to see that patient was to meet his caretaker (their Grandma). They were her son's kids. He'd passed away in a car accident and their mother had substance abuse problems and wasn't able to care for them. She was amazing. He told me in his Indian accent, "There are some really special people in the world, I wanted to you to meet her because she is definitely one of them." She was amazing. I loved how much the doc praised her and pointed that out to me. If a heart could smile, mine was.
- I was so motivated to study today after work. There is so much to learn! Motivated studying feels good for a change.
- I finally saw what an ear infection looks like. It's been so vague and hard to appreciate. But today it clicked and I saw it.
- I listened to a girl with pneumonia...she had text book lung sounds and a textbook x-ray. Thank you girl with pneumonia.
- I have a new favorite drink. Vitamin Water Zero: Squeezed. It's lemonade flavored and delicious.
If I was a pediatrician I could decorate with pictures like this! 

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  1. 1. loved this entire post. you'd be such a good pediatrician!
    2. Squeezed is the only thing in the world that makes me feel good lately :)