Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Year 3

Today is sort of like the first day of my third year of medical school. Step 1 of boards is officially behind me, I found out last night that I passed! So far things in Bay City are going well. It recently dawned on me that this isn't just a short shadowing experience as we've started to see the same patients back for follow-up and I've started scheduling some rotations in the next few months. It finally feels real. Also, my preceptor is awesome. I kinda wanna be her. 

A brief update...
1. Bre Marchand becomes Bre Maxwell!

2. Kaylyn Blaauw becomes Kaylyn Piaskowy!

3. Katie Hunt becomes Katie Mueller!

4. I love dancing at wedding receptions!

5. Mal got toxic shock syndrome and proves to me that disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC) can happen outside of the text books. I've learned a lot from her about what not to do as a doctor and what patients actually care about as a patient.

6. Moved to Bay City. This already marks week 3. Time flies. 

7.Started working at the resident's clinic and am realizing I really like the pediatric patients. I also met a foster family. It made me wonder if I may ever want to be a foster parent..??

8. I purchased an ENO hammock for camping/relaxing in our backyard. I spent the night in it this past weekend. I love it. A lot.

9. Super fun camping explorations in Little Rock, AK and Missouri in June on our road trip to Bre's wedding. It made me want to drive and camp everywhere and not fly ever again. It's so much fun to explore. Shout out to Amanda, Erin, and Megan...I've never had such a stress free, fun, relaxed camping road trip. Next time I think I want to conquer the great north...the UP.

10. And lastly, here's to trying not to become jaded by the medical system. And to more importantly loving patients (and co-workers) with patience and selflessness. 

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  1. So good to hear how you are! I am proud of you and thankful that God has placed such a wise, determined, hardworking Godly woman in my path freshman year! Praying for you this year! Love you!