Sunday, February 6, 2011


I've been blessed with an opportunity to head to Haiti over Spring Break, March 6-12.

The Could Forest Medical Clinic

Already since starting med school, there have been multiple opportunities to go out of the country to do medically related trips. I say "medically related" because they aren't focused on spreading the Gospel. They may be great learning opportunities and also help clinics with a great outreach in an underserved area, but I quickly realized that choosing the time and place to go on an international trip needed more thoughtful consideration than I'd originally imagined. Especially since they can cost up to $4000!

God has provided an opportunity for a group of students from the Christian Medical Association along with a local doctor to minister to the people and volunteers down in Haiti from March 6-12. To have a team with a common purpose, ready to see God work, is and will be such a blessing.

A fellow med student from MSU COM, Kyle Martin, is currently in the middle of a one year commitment to the Cloud Forest Medical Clinic in Seguin, Haiti. He's taking a year away from school and as a consequence, we now get to visit him and hopefully lend a helping hand wherever we can. To get an idea of what the clinic we will be visiting, you can check out Kyle's blog at

The website for the clinic is

This will be the first opportunity for me to experience a medical ministry first hand, let alone travel to a foreign country (besides Windsor in Canada...), let alone one that has little reliability when it comes to running water or electricity, water in general, a language I don't know, and I'm sure a lot of other differences I can't even anticipate. I've dreamed of practicing medicine in far away places and I'm excited to see where God leads my heart after this trip.

One reason I'm sharing this now is to ask for your prayer support as our team prepares to leave. If for some reason you think of Haiti or our trip, could you pray for:
- opportunties to share the Gospel and love of Christ
- the team's safety
- for the people of Haiti


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