Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

I'm not really into all the typical Valentine's Day gifts--for instance the dumb little bears with hearts all over them. And, somehow Ben knew that. (My sincerest apologies if you received one or enjoy receiving them...) And so he got me these...

The first is the Handbook of Therapy. It was put out by the American Medical Association in 1935. It covers all the basic systems, common illnesses, and recommend treatments. Two of my favorite excerpts I've read so far...

"If the patient neglects his own treatment after warnings, he has only himself to blame, but never let him be allowed the opportunity to blame his physician."


"An educated physician should be ashamed to perpetrate a therapeutic imcompatibility either in a prescription or in a patient."

The second is a short book of favorite party recipes. Like I said, cooking=therapy. And if you make enough food, friends come, and they provide even better therapy. What more could you ask for? It outlines the perfect menus for a bridge tea or gormet dinner or a mid morning brunch.

He also brought complaints there either. In fact, I'll probably polish the box off tonight.

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