Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tests, tests, and more tests...

One soft taco minus lettuce and a cheesy gordita crunch please. This is my brain food, more for its tastiness and less for its nutritional value, to get me through the last push of the most absurd pharmacology test. Roughly 200 antibiotic, chemotherapeutic and anti-inflammatory drugs, their mechanism of action, numerous side effects, drug to drug interactions, and contraindications all in a mere 7 days. WHY 7 DAYS?! I don't get it. And I need to vent. I thought the "weeding process" was over. We're all gonna be doctors, so why the torture?? And I thought microbiology was bad?! If you read this between now and 8am tomorrow, please say a prayer for me and 500 of my closest friends taking our exam, Thanks! (And the one we have on Thursday and the one on Friday, too!)

...nobody tells you how many tests there are going to be in medical school. This is my warning to anyone and everyone headed in this direction. Start mentally preparing now. Now that it's too late to turn back, I'm banking on that it'll be worth it someday down the road.

**Disclaimer: Most of the things mentioned in the blog do not reflect a well functioning, well rested mind. I know why I am here in med school and glad that I am....even maybe a little thankful...I think feeling this way is part of the process though. Now I can check it off the list.

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  1. You can do it, Amy! I'm praying for you right now! Love you!