Friday, May 25, 2012

Prayer Rocks

These are "prayer rocks" in the Himalayas in Nepal. Three things about them:

1. I like that they are called "prayer" rocks. I feel as though I've done a lot of that since starting med school
2. Prayer Rocks = Prayers Stones; 
                             Prayer Stones = Milestones; 
                                                      Milestones = Finishing traditional academic classes FOREVER!
3. This picture is dedicated to my Nepal loving friend.

It was bittersweet leaving Fee Hall today. Yelling across the parking lot to friends I won't see until graduation. Eating Breakfast alongside people who made med school both barely tolerable and occasionally more stressful--I guess that's the reality of going to school with about 300 type A personalities. 

Now to Traverse City! To visit the Christiansen Family! and run a half-marathon...
Maybe eventually I'll get around to studying for this board exam...Everything always works out. Maybe not in the best way...but it always does. Proof lies in the fact that I am done with the first two years of medical school. 

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