Sunday, May 6, 2012

A List Update

It's been awhile, I've been unmotivated. First, because I was deathly afraid of failing my respiratory course and couldn't justify blogging. And second, because once I was done and found out that I had passed, I was too happy and tired of thinking that searching Pinterest or sleeping or baking just sounded better.

So, an update!

1. Respiratory is over! By the grace of God, I passed and no longer have to carry that burden of a class.
2. I got to see tons of family in the last week or so. One of the many reasons I'm glad to be in MI for now.
3. I observed 3 autopsies at the forensic pathology department at Sparrow Hospital in Lansing. Maybe more on that later. Or in person. It was quite the experience and I'll leave it at it kinda caught me off guard. Crazy cases you only thought existed on CSI really do happen in real life.
4. Today I took the COMSAE which is a practice exam for our Board Exam this June. It marks the first real beginning of studying for yet another exam. It's 8 hours long...and I learned today I have a lot of studying and concentration practice to do.
5. Veggies = self esteem booster. There's something about cutting them up by hand and eating them for an entire meal that make me feel really good about myself. And perhaps, want to have a garden.
6. Currently neglecting the guitar...sad.
7. I got a cavity. I'm really bummed about it. And nervous, it's my first one. I was also scolded for not flossing. They said I was showing signs of gingivitis. haha I'm going to start flossing!
8. I'm one chapter away from finishing another book! Irresistible Revolution.
9. I've started moving out of my apartment. I feel like I just got here!! I also feel like I know less then I did when I got here.
10. That leads me to this....I wish I had less things. I'm working on simplifying my life.
11. I'm really liking life without facebook. I got back on today, thinking I'd stay, only to deactivate it again. Maybe after boards are over I'll reconsider.
12. I bought a new Dr. Seuss book. I Had Trouble in Getting to Solla Sollew. I love it.
13. Grandpa told me this weekend that he would hitch hike 1000 miles from Norfolk, VA to Wisconsin to see Grandma back when he was in the Navy. One guy even had him drive the car, while he slept in the back! I wish you could still hitch hike across the country. How could so much have changed in so little time?
14. It's about to be Wedding season...7 Weddings this spring/summer/fall, all for very good friends. I'm excited!

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