Friday, December 10, 2010


Crazy Morning.
On my way to school, this is what happened.

-I picked up Amanda (her car wouldn't start)
-We watched a green mini van drive into oncoming traffic at least 3 times, drive at length on the shoulder, jump a curve, and demolish a mailbox...with no apparent intent to slow down.
-We call the police
-We park, and the van happens to park in the same parking lot
-Girl gets out. She is our classmate (awkward).
-We track her down and get the 411.

Amy: Excuse me, um, excuse me...we were just following you into school and were wondering if you're alright?
Student: Yeah, I'm fine. (confused look, as if she has no idea what I'm talking about.)
Amy: Well, we were just concerned, we saw you swerving and then hit that mailbox, are you sure you're ok?
Student: Oh, yeah. (Now, I remember what just happened...) My car is kinda messed up. (No way!) I don't speak car, though, so I'm not really sure what it is.
Amy: Oh, well, it must be pretty bad...
Student: Yeah, something about the steering. (Like how it doesn't?!)
Amy: Well, I just want to let you know that we did call the police. We were worried someone was going to get hurt. So, in case you get a call, you won't be surprised. (Oh, by the way, did you know hitting a mailbox is a federal offence!) If you need a ride home I can give you one today, or if you get your car fixed and need a ride I could give you one. Where do you live?
Student: .... (clearly upset with me) I have other friends who can drive me. (then she proceeds to speed walk away from us...)
-We call the police back to give them the 411
-We laugh, we can't believe what we just encountered
-We take our exam
-Crazy driver (or crazy car...) girl sits right behind me
-I experience the best way to replace pre-test jitters with I'm scared someone's gonna die jitters

Wow. Crazy. When I went back to my car, hers was gone. May God have mercy on whoever crosses her path. And may we all remember to practice defensive driving.
Beware! Her van looked something like this.

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