Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday: Motivation for Monday.

Sundays are the best.

I just started going to this amazing church called the University Reformed Church in East Lansing. I've heard great things about it and three weeks ago walked into a building that was full of the spirit of God. I have been so blessed by the people there, and I hardly know them. And the preaching is challenging, captivating, and straight from the Bible. I leave feeling full of the Word of God and motivated to live a life that is paradoxical to many, but purposeful and glorifying to God.

Here is what I learned today. The sermon was titled, "What Do You Want From Jesus?" And the scripture was Mark 10:35-52. It contrasts James and John's request to Jesus, with the request of the blind, beggar, Bartimaeus. Here are some thoughts I wrote down in response to the sermon.

- When you don't hear from Jesus, do you yell louder? Like Bartimaeus does here after being rebuked by the people?
- Jesus loves people with "gutsy", or bold, faith. Bartimaeus is just one example, many more examples are evident all over the Bible.
- When Jesus called Bartimaeus, he jumped to his feet. Be excited and find the joy in being called by Jesus.
- Bartimaeus followed God after he was healed. To follow is an expression of faith. Contrast this with the rich man who won't leave his possessions to follow Jesus.

[Note: Reading Mark 10:35-52 really helps put these comments into perspective...try to compare and contrast the situation with James and John to that of Bartimaeus yourself. Then ask yourself, how do I approach Jesus? It's interesting. And convicting. Or just go here and listen to today's should be posted soon]

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