Monday, September 12, 2011


Fall is wonderful. It is most definitely my favorite. A few words of advice: Never get a Bigby's Pumpkin Spice Latte. There is nothing pumpkin about it. Find yourself a Starbucks. Trust me.

Anyways, at about 9:15 and I threw some pumpkin bread ingredients into the bread machine. I'm still building my bread machine confidence the last loaf didn't rise quite right...but tonight this pumpkin bread is providing more than a delicious snack. That is if it turns out.

Cross your fingers!
It's sweet, sweet motivation. Now that I have completed the procrastination by being here, I am forcing more information to go into my head for at least 2 and a half more hours...

More good things that happened today:
- I had another breakthrough where doctors, even though it was a resident and intern, felt more like collegues than superiors! Love when that happens...
- Got to listen to a real live neurosurgeon talk about head injuries this's crazy to think that that guy cuts into people skulls when he's not talking to us.
- Just found out I'm on a first name basis with April in the student services office. I never planned on being involved to the point where they'd know me by name. Oh well...

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