Thursday, September 15, 2011

Perfect Morning

So, my pumpkin bread may have failed. But, that just means more room for improvement!

This morning I didn't sent a second alarm, ipso facto, I slept through it. Thanks to Bre's text, I didn't sleep away that entire morning!
Which was clearly meant to happen, because I stayed home and did a load of laundry, made smoothies for lunch the next couple of days, enjoying Smart Start cereal (thanks to Anna for helping me fall in love with this!) with vanilla almond milk (and a second thanks to Kate for introducing me to this wonderful invention!). Oh yeah, and made mini pumpkin chocolate chip muffins (Lastly, thank you mom for a love of baking and this wonderful "Fall Luke Favorite"). And I sang along to Ingrid Michaelson. Far Away. On repeat.

I feel like I can take on anything! Which is good, since I have lots and lots of work to do.

[I'm refering to studying for school as work from now on...
it sounds more sophisticated?..
or at least more important and more urgent I suppose]


  1. Mmmmm this is one of the MANY MANY reasons I miss being your roommate....I might have to steal that recipe to ease the pain of being without you :)

  2. I need that recipe too:) You are following in your mom's wonderful footsteps!

  3. No doubt you've inherited the recipe gene! My plans today--surf the net for recipes, organize my recipe box, look at cookbooks. . . til my eye feels better, at least. BTW, I have a great new recipe for Banana Crumb muffins.