Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Feather Bowling!

So there's this awesome girl, named Amanda, who knows of this awesome place, the Cadiuex Cafe in Detroit. The have oysters (although we didn't order any...but next time!) and really good reubens, live jazz music and feather bowling. All you need to know about feather bowling is it's fun and a combo of shuffle board and bocce ball. You must go! We loved it!

The Birthday Girl!


  1. This looks so sweet! (And don't I recognize that girl when you came to Bay City?)

    Anyways- I just looked up feather bowling in Denver, and everything I found said that place in Detroit is like the only place in the country that has feather bowling. Jealous.


  2. SO FUN!!! We need to do that when I move back to MI.